Department of Energy Science and Engineering [DESE]

(formerly Centre for Energy Studies [CES])

ESL280: Introduction to Plasma Concepts (3-0-2-4)

ESL381: Plasma Science (3-1-0-4)

ESL382: Plasma Sources and Diagnostics (3-0-0-3)

ESL480: Plasma Chemistry (3-0-0-3)

ESL481: Plasma Based Technologies for Smart Materials (3-0-0-3)

ESL737: Plasma Based Materials Processing (3-0-0-3)

ESL744: Plasmas For Energy and Environment (3-0-0-3)

ESL870: Fusion Energy (3-0-0-3)

ESL871: Advanced Energy Fusion (3-0-0-3)

Physics Department

PYL305: Engineering Applications of Plasma  (3-0-0-3)

PYL657: Plasma Physics  (3-0-0-3)

PYL658: Advanced Plasma Physics  (3-0-0-3)

Note: Courses given above are written as:

<Course No.>: <Course Name> (L-T-P-C); 

With L= Lecture hours; T= Tutorial Hours; P= Practical Hours; C = Credits